A generation imprisoned by zip codes, areas and groupings. Made to feel abnormal, we fashion different ways. Busting free from borders, we create new rules. A safe haven for the outcasts, the norm-breakers. A place of no rules. Alternative ways of being and seeing. MUF10. Born in the street but accepting of everyone.

A squad of misfits, imprisoned by race, religion and rank. Logistics that contain human creativity. Transporting prejudiced behavior through vessels of masked power. Our creativity cannot be contained. We have dreams, hopes and ideas. Despised by some, cherished by more. Together, we make the next generation of thinkers.

Imprisoned by human behavior and shackled minds. Held down by invisible forces of violence. Made to live as convicts, to feel as though we are not enough. But the hood is human too. Imprisoned by invented truths, the misfit has dreams too. The world is against us, but MUF10 means family. Family looks out for each other. Unorthodox to the core, we do things our way.

The future is on our side.